Esnan Oral Health and Dental Care Center



Considering the possible damages of a tooth with abnormal position, merged into the jawbone with abnormal position (detected by x-ray), it could be determined to take it out.


The dental implant is an artificial tooth root, made of appropriate materials and placed in the jawbone so as to provide the function and aesthethic of the missing teeth.



Orthodontic treatment will give you a great and healthy smile. Also, it aims you to have MORE functional teeth and chin joints and to fix the relations of teeth.


Aesthetic Tooth Threatment made in accordance with the patient's face, protecting natural appearence, containing cosmetic treatments for teeth.


In the treatments with general anesthesia, the patient does not remember the proceedings and does not have any pain and trauma fear.


In research, Oral and Dental Diseases shown at the beginning of health problems because of treating the human helath directly.



They are the dentures helping to restore the parts of the teeth seen in the mouth and made of various materials.


If the patient has lost all the teeth in his mouth, total dentures should be done.




Conservative dental treatment is a dentistry branch aiming the treatments of the decays in early stage fomed in the crust of the tooth such as enamel or dentine and ...


When one of our teeth gets ill, one of the most known protection method is root canal treatment. Root canal treatment assists to protect damaged teeth.



The teeth whitening is the processing of removing the temporary colorings in the teeth structure



It is the most common and protective method of the gingiva disease treatments. The tartars called plaque are removed.