Dentist Hüseyin Yurtseven @dt.yurtseven

Dt. Hüseyin Yurtseven



  • Clinics Topkapı Clinic,
  • Graduationİstanbul Üniversitesi
  • Areas of expertiseAesthetic Dentsry

Education and Certificates

  • -
  • -Applied Basic Implantology Course
  • -Smile Design and Laminate Veneers Course
  • -Soft Tissue Surgery Course
  • -Hard Tissue Creation And Bone Augmentation Course
  • -Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery Course (Gingival Retractions and Treatments)
  • -Implant Prosthesis Course
  • -Vertical Size Elevation Applications Occlusion Regulation And Occlusal Splint Application Course
  • -Aesthetic Composite Restorations and Clinical Different Uses of Composite Materials Course
  • -Anterior Fracture Aesthetic Restoration Course
  • -Advanced Dental Adhesion Applications Course
  • -Anterior Direct Composite Coating Restorations Course
  • -Advanced Implant Surgery Sinus Lifting Applications Course
  • -Orofacial Botox Dermal Filler & Prp Applied Course
  • -Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training (İ.Ü. Teknokent)
  • -Project Preparation and Management Training (Starbigg Y.T.Ü.)
  • -Implant Applications and Individual Abutments in Aesthetic Area
  • -Aesthetic Analysis, Proper Treatment Planning and Application Principles in Anterior Implant Applications (Dr.Dt.Cem Yıldız)
  • - Current Application Techniques in Direct Anterior and Posterior Restorations (Dr.Dt.Bora Korkut)