İnjuries that affect mouth and teeth often become a result of fall and crash. A major portion of injuires can seen during sport activities and traffic crashes. Especially in the summer time, because of the childeren spending more time in the streets cause increase of dental traumas.

When there is injury or damage to teeth, you should immediately go to a dentist or healht care provider. During trauma, child’s parents or other relatives can help limited. First aid would make it easy to help saving the tooth.

Especially, cases where the teeth come off would be an example. If a lifetime tooth of childeren dislodgement as a result of bump or fall and getting the doctor is very diffucult, you can replace the tooth paying attention to fit its place without touching the soil after cleaning the debris as dust. If you can’t do this, you should urgently get the tooth to the dentist keeping in to milk.

All injuries should be treated as soon as possible. Broken teeth part or chippings might be stuck to the wound area. when Face, lips, cheek and tongue injuries occurs.

Yerinden Unsnaps or broken part of tooth should be found and get to the dentist in suitable conditions.

After treatment, trauma patients should give importance to dental care and wound care according to protect from trauma.

Dr. Dt. Serhan DİDİNEN